DIY Rameon for lazy people who also happen to dislike spending more than $4 for a bowl of noodles

When PM Lee Hsien Loong suddenly announced that he wanted to update Singaporeans on the COVID-19 outbreak situation in Singapore, I saw some people asking if we should standby outside NTUC again. LOL.

Anyway, if you are thinking of stocking up instant noodles, I recommend you to buy these! I saw them on sale at Fairprice recently so I bought them to try.

Works out to be about 80 cents per serving. Still a little expensive compared to other instant noodles but it’s very filling and delicious!

These instant noodles are not new on the market but this is my first time trying them! I normally don’t eat instant noodles but seeing people sweeping up instant noodles a few weeks ago from the shelves, I suddenly developed a strange craving for instant noodles again. I am also damn extra and the 2 bowls below are what I came up with using these Korean noodles I’ve bought!

1. Gourmet Spicy Army stew style Rameon~!

Using this!

1. Pan fry luncheon meat. You may omit this step if you are Level Lazy 1000.

2. In a pot, cook noodles according to package’s instruction.

3. Add in army stew ingredients like your luncheon meat, crab sticks, kimchi…actually…just add in anything you like! Life is so uncertain these days; you should just live life by your own rules. I basically added anything I could find in my fridge.

4. To add even more oomph to your noodles, add an egg and a slice of cheese just 1 minute before your noodles are done!

This is my first time adding cheese to my noodles after hearing so many people say it’s damn nice. You know what? It’s just damn salty. 80% chance I wouldn’t eat it like this again.

Verdict: I realised this combination is a tad salty. Maybe skip the luncheon meat. Or cheese. Or add lesser seasoning. I don’t know. It’s instant noodles. It shouldn’t be this complicated.

2. Shrimp Flavour Seafood Rameon

Love cooking this because the aroma of it makes me feel like I’m a MasterChef.

This is a new flavour according to the packaging and it tasted so delicious when I was cooking it! While I was cooking these noodles, I actually asked myself, “Mmm…what’s that delicious smell! Is my neighbour making some nice prawn dish?” before I realised that the aroma came from the pot in front of me!!!! #WOLS

It smelled so tasty and there are little shrimps inside the seasoning that made the soup taste extra yummy and fragrant.

I wanted to add prawns into my masterpiece but I’d run out of prawns at home, so I added boiled scallops instead. Yes I HAVE SCALLOPS INSTEAD OF PRAWNS AT HOME. I tend to buy scallops over prawns because I’m really lazy to handle prawns sometimes.

1. Pan fry frozen corn and boiled scallops with butter.

Lol I know my cooking looks damn gross. I didn’t even wait for the frozen corn to thaw.

2. In a pot, cook noodles according to package’s instructions.

3. Add in crabsticks one minute before the noodles are done.

4. Assemble all ingredients in bowl. By the way, my soft-boiled egg is from 7 Eleven!!!! It’s a tad expensive but it’s very good when you don’t feel like making your own soft-boiled egg!!!

Wow!!! This is really delicious!!!!!
Works out to be $1.25 an egg. Expensive! But this is the price you have to pay if you are lazy and want things right here, right now.

Verdict: This tasted really nice. The butter corn is a really nice touch. I really enjoyed it!!! Please feel free to try it yourself!!!!

I really wish this virus would die off soon but WHO says that this virus would be around for a year and maybe longer, so maybe you can buy some instant noodles to keep because you never truly know if you would be asked to be quarantined suddenly. Quarantine is actually a very trying time because every day, you will be thinking, “Do I have the virus? How many people was I in contact with in the past few days? Would I have passed the virus to them? Who passed it to me? Will my loved ones be ok? Or have I passed the virus to them??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO….”, so maybe having a good meal can lift your spirits.

Having that said, this virus has proved that working from home can be done. I’m hoping that employers can consider implementing this as a permanent initiative; even once a week would be nice! Just imagine public transport not being this crowded every day during peak hours!

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