Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt – Offering healthy drinks that will make you slim?

Do you like bubble tea?

Not me!

I generally don’t buy drinks when I’m out because I have my trusty water bottle but this cute, pastel yogurt-drink store and its 1-for-1 offer successfully drew me in!

Who can resist 1 for 1?!

Seeing that there was no queue because I was so early, I decided to purchase 2 flavours to try as recommended by their staff!

While waiting for my orders, I did a bit of googling and found out that Yomie’s Rice Yogurt is a huge hit in China and Australia. It seems that the trend of drinking yogurt (and ditching bubble tea) has not caught on in Singapore yet though.

Yomie Rice Yogurt claims to have many health benefits, one of them being a good drink for digestion and how because it is so filling, it can be used as a meal replacement for weight loss.

1. Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt, $5.60

Lol I can never be a professional food blogger. Why is my drink doing this to me? No matter how many times I tried to shake the purple rice away, it stuck stubbornly to Yomie’s face.

This was very addictive!!! The purple rice was chewy and fragrant while the yogurt milk had the right creaminess and tartness! After finishing a cup, I was very full and very satisfied. This is definitely a meal itself and not a sidekick to your main meal! There was so much purple rice that I won’t be surprised that the portion they give is a regular bowl of rice (can you really lose weight like this?!).

2. Avos!, $7.20

It was so meh that I didn’t even bother giving it a shot of its own.

Oh my god. This wasn’t nice at all. There were tasteless, not-yet-ripe chunks of avocado in the drink. I don’t know if anyone likes their avocado drink like this but it’s definitely not for me. I think our local recipe of blended avocado, milk and gula melaka beats this hands-down in terms of taste and definitely in terms of price!!

Because I was given a 50% discount voucher, I visited the store again on another day to try more flavours!

The Westgate branch has a cute mascot!

If you look at their menu, you will realise that they have a lot of unique flavours using Chinese ingredients like hawthorn berries, red bean and jujube (such a cute name for red dates!).

Yomie’s menu, which I wish was displayed on the counter instead of just on the tiny screen above the counter.

I think it’s very interesting that Yomie combines the benefits of eating good things from both the East and the West. Their main ingredient, yogurt, provides probiotics and calcium, while from the East are ingredients like purple rice which is rich in anti-oxidents and will supposedly make your skin AMAZINGGGG.

3. Passionate from Miles Away, $6.60

Bottoms up!

The recipe of this drink is as extra as its name. An entire passionfruit is used for each cup of this drink. I think their signature style is to make their drink with chunky bits, so you can see that there is lots of passionfruit pulp and seeds in here.

My friend who tried this says that the sweetness of this drink was perfect (i.e. not too sweet) and that the yogurt infused with passionfruit made the drink less tart and very addictive.

5. Hawaiian Banananana, $6.60

A very minion name for a drink.

This drink is a mixture of yogurt, pineapple and banana. There are some strands of pineapple in it. I don’t remember chewing any banana bits though. Smooth drink, pretty nice, but did not really leave much impression on me.

6. Red Bean Purple Rice Yogurt – $6

Can you get any thicker than this?

This is only 40 cents more than the original flavour and while I can taste the red bean and note that it makes the drink even thicker, I don’t find it really special and for me, I think trying it once is enough.

7. Yomie Oats Yogurt – $5.60

Get the Purple Rice one instead.

I thought I would love this because I love oats but between this and the purple rice, I prefer the purple rice. Somehow, the fragrance of purple rice really matches the yogurt drink!

Seriously, every print in Yomie is tiny.

Yomie yogurt drinks are best drunk within an hour. They are all made from freshly fermented yogurt in-store. There are no preservatives added, so I reckon that this is actually better yogurt than the ones you buy elsewhere!

Because Yomie’s drinks are not exactly cheap, without any discounts, I will really hesitate to buy them. My favourite drink happens to be the cheapest on the menu, so I guess when I don’t have much appetite or am tired of eating a ‘proper’ meal, I might grab a Purple Rice Yogurt drink as a form of meal replacement. I doubt it would make me lose weight like Yomie claims but it will surely satisfy my rare craving for a creamy, cold drink on a hot day!

What’s special:

  • a healthier alternative to bubble tea
  • creamy, full-bodied yogurt drink mixed with healthy ingredients like fruits, dates, red bean, hawthorn, oats and purple rice.

What to Order:

  • Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt, $5.60 – Guess the original one is always the best!

What to Skip:

  • Avos!, $7.20 – One of the most expensive drinks too. Think you save your money to buy Avocado Milk at Alexandra Food Village better lol.

Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt
Address: Westgate, #01-09A / Centrepoint #B1-K1 / CityLink #B1-07A

Telephone Number: 8332 0535

Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East / Somerset / City Hall

Opening hours: 
10am to 10pm, daily

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