The 6ixs Rosti – $6 Rosti better than Marché’s!

Update (as of 20 December 2019):

Due to overwhelming support at The 6ixes yesterday, you may want to reconsider visiting until after 26 December! The waiting time went up to 1.5h yesterday and the owners are really apologetic about this. They hadn’t asked for this review and I didn’t think it would go viral like this.

These Rosti guys are currently mostly participating at Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay, so you may like to visit them there for now!

Info on Christmas Wonderland:
📍 5pm-11pm weekdays
📍4pm-11pm weekend
📍29 November to 26th December 2019

If you guys have already visited Ghim Moh yesterday, the owners want to apologise about the slight drop in standards yesterday. Hope you guys can give them another chance another time and thank you for your overwhelming support, guys!

When The 6ixs opened in my neighbourhood, it was really quite exciting because:

  1. My neighbourhood is really the worst place for dining before the coffeeshop re-opened.
  2. Rosti in a coffeeshop?! What a treat!

The rosti is the main highlight of the The 6ixs stall. You can choose your pan-fried potato from Classic, Spicy or Cheesy and decide if you want it with Chicken Chop, Smoked Duck, Smoked Salmon or Beef Cubes. You can also order your Rosti ala carte, from $6.

Extensive menu!

They have a variety of other fancy western fare as well, like Hotplate Chicken Chop, $8.50, Smoked Duck Aglio Olio, $7.50, Salmon Steak with Lemon Butter Sauce, $12.90, Mentaiko Pasta (Coming Soon), Truffle Fries, $6.90.

It took me a very long time to decide to give this stall a try though because their prices are like cafe prices even though they are located in a kopitiam.

However, while eating my rice with sweet and sour fish from the zi char stall one day, I saw an elderly couple beside my table happily indulging in their plates of fish and chips.

I was suddenly slapped with the thought that if the elderly are willing to spend their money on $7.90 fish and chips (one person one plate some more!) in a kopitiam, I must let live a little and stop being a miser!!

Seeing that the fish and chips were quite a generous portion, I decided to take a chance the following time I dined at the kopitiam and order their Classic Rosti with Chicken Chop, $9.

This dish is 50 shades of brown.

When we talk about Rosti, Marché inevitably comes to mind.

The last time I ate at Marché was during a time when we all relied on 8 Days and The Straits Times’ food reviews to know where to dine.

Marché was a hot topic then and raved for its rosti, but when I finally got to try its rosti, the rosti looked and tasted so underwhelming that I had difficulty believing that I was eating what the reviews were raving about.

So when I put a morsel of the pan-fried potato from The 6ixes into my mouth, I was actually prepared to sob and wallow in self pity about why I am always giving chances to unremarkable food. However, this unassuming rosti made me swallow back my tears and gulp in surprise!

Rosti served with sour cream!

The rosti was crispy on the outside while almost meltingly-soft on the inside! I haven’t tried a lot of rostis before since I’m not a foodie, but I remember that those that I’ve tried before were usually greasy and so thin that it was like eating a flattened hashbrown.

Could this be how rosti is supposed to taste like? I’ve really been missing out!

The chicken chop was also done very nicely. The skin was thin and crispy while the grilled meat was lightly charred and easily pulled apart. I also like that their chicken chop doesn’t have annoying tendons.


The coleslaw deserves a mention too simply because the vegetables seem to be grated finely with no random big chunks in it, giving the coleslaw a very good mouthfeel.

Having had a good dining experience, I went back another time to try their Salmon Steak with Lemon Butter Sauce ($12.90) as well as their rosti again!

Salmon Steak with Lemon Butter Sauce, $12.90

I had high expectations of their Salmon Steak but somehow it didn’t quite cut it for me. Firstly, there is just too much potato on the plate and to my disappointment, the fries aren’t the chunky types shown on their menu. Secondly, I felt that the salmon steak was overcooked to the point of being a little tough!

No idea if it was a rare slip of standards for that day because my rosti was also overcooked that day.

Exterior was more hard than crispy that day.

My dining partner enjoyed the salmon dish though and said that the sauce is really good. Both of us agreed that the salmon steak that they serve is thick and generous and not the usual thin slab you find in Western Food stalls.

Expect a generous portion of salmon for the price you pay!

The 6ixs is started by 6 young men who asked themselves one day, “Why aren’t there more places in Singapore selling the delicious rosti?”

They saw potential in the humble potato patty and immediately got down to work, trying over 100 times to achieve their ideal rosti, which was crispy on the outside while soft and tender inside.

They started selling their rosti at live stations for various events and after seeing how their rosti received a positive response from their customers, they decided to take the plunge and quit their corporate jobs to serve their potato passion full time.

These creative guys are always thinking of delicious ways to glam up the plain rosti and make it even more interesting, so I can’t wait to see what they would come up with next!

For now, I’m just glad that they are in my neighbourhood, providing an unique offering to food options here!

The kopitiam is about a 8-mins walk from Buona Vista MRT, so if you are working around the area and looking for new lunch venues, come on down to support them! (The newly renovated kopitiam has a rather good bak chor mee stall as well if your lunch kakis are not interested to eat potato. Also, note that waiting time for your food may take quite awhile depending on what you order!)

What’s special:

  • Affordable and quality Rosti in a coffeeshop!
  • Interesting Western food offering in a coffeeshop, from Truffle fries, $6.90 to Mentaiko Pasta.
  • Opened by 6 young men after over 100 attempts to make the perfect rosti.

What to Order:

  • Classic Rosti with Chicken Chop$9 (Most value-for-money rosti set. Decent portion of chicken chop.)

What to Skip:

  • Rosti with Beef Cubes, $12 (Portion of the beef cubes is small. If you don’t mind, you can try. I also heard that the portion of smoked duck and smoked salmon is small.)

The 6ixs, Ghim Moh Link
Address: 25 Ghim Moh Link, #01-01, S270025

Telephone Number: +65 9008 9135

Nearest MRT Station: Buona Vista

Opening hours: 
12pm to 9pm daily,
Closed on Tuesdays

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