[Closed] Rang Mang Shokudo – Are we forgetting that the Japanese make great fried chicken too??

Rang Mang Shokudo has been opened in Singapore since July 2016 but I’ve only learned about it recently from a friend. After having my lunch there, I’ve decided that this place is just too good not to share!

Rang Mang Shokudo‘s fried chicken is marinated for 6 hours in buttermilk and it is freshly double-fried in low heat upon order. What you get are very crispy and juicy chunks of chicken, absolutely delish to eat on its own.

I don’t see fried chicken as unhealthy food actually, especially when the Japanese can package it to look so wholesome with mixed grain rice and salad.

Could this really be unhealthy??!!
So many different flavours for your chicken!

The Value Set, $10.90 is really value-for-money! It comes with 5 pieces of fried chicken, rice, curry mashed potato and salad and it’s really very filling! I added an onsen egg because I thought onsen eggs can’t go wrong in a Japanese restaurant where the chef is a Japanese.

This Onsen Egg has no flow.

However, I was wrong and I have to remind myself of my logic fail – Not all Singaporeans know how to cook good chicken rice, right?!

I chose soy sauce chicken!

The chicken is really good enough on its own, even without any other marinade or seasoning. My personal tip is – don’t order the chicken that has already been seasoned (e.g. soy sauce chicken or salt chicken) if you don’t like your chicken too salty.

If you want to taste the chicken in its original glory, order it with the cream sauces. They will serve you the original fried chicken with the dips on the side.


My friend ordered 5 pieces of Cod Roe Mayo chicken at $6 and then added an extra condiment at $1. She is soooo clever. The menu is worded in a way that many people would think that they can enjoy more flavours only if they order more chicken, but hey, if you read this post, now you know how to get bang for your buck! You’re welcome.

Pick a size and then pick a flavour!

The 3 dips we tried are:

1.Green Onion Salt Chili Oil

Be just a tad more adventurous in 2020, will ya! ORDER THIS FLAVOUR!

My friend frowned at me when I ordered this dip but what is there not to love about green onions and salt in chili oil????

I checked with the waitress about the popularity of this dip and she replied, “This is one of our customers’ top favorites.”

It is a very Asian dip and both of us felt that it definitely made the chicken taste even better!

2. Cod Roe Mayo

Delicious cod roe mayo dip!

This is my friend’s favourite dip and my second favourite! I think, basically, you can’t go very wrong with mayo dip for fried chicken? The spicy-salty taste is very satisfying!

3. Basil and Cheese Dip

Pleasing green colour. I wished I had ordered Wasabi Cream instead though. This was Meh/10.

It doesn’t taste terrible but it’s not the best dip to choose, mainly because its taste of basil and cheese is VERY subtle. My friend and I had to try very hard to recall what dip we had ordered because this tasted almost like nothing.

Definitely order this Frozen Lemon drink, $3.50, if you’re there!

I think their signature Frozen Lemon drink is the perfect accompaniment to their fried chicken. It is not sugary sweet and not too sour either. It’s a really refreshing and well-balanced drink.

This is a restaurant I will go back to again when I’m in town. I’m so glad that they offer fried chicken for takeaway as well. I’ve heard that their fried chicken doesn’t lose its crisp even when it’s cold! Perfect party food for gatherings!

With the sprout of so many Korean Fried Chicken restaurants in Singapore, we may have forgotten that the Japanese has very good Chicken Karaage. If I’m not wrong, Rang Mang Shokudo is our only Chicken Karaage ‘specialist’ in Singapore. If you’re sick of Japanese Fried Chicken served in our local Japanese food stalls and generic Japanese restaurants, do give Rang Mang Shokudo a try! Discover how simple fried chicken chunks can be so delicious!

What’s special:

  • Very delicious Japanese fried chicken marinated in buttermilk, double-fried in low heat which enables the chicken to sustain its crispiness even when cold.
  • Available in 18 interesting flavours so you will keep coming back to try all of them, I suppose. Haha!

What to Order:

  • Value Set, $10.90 – If you’re alone, this is really value-for-money. It’s super filling (comes with 5 pieces of chicken, rice and potato salad) and you can opt for 16mix grain rice at no extra charge! You can also add on 3 pieces of chicken at $3. (Pro tip: Since some flavours of chicken are differentiated by just their dipping sauce, so instead of ordering more chicken to try more flavours, just add on a different sauce at $1 each!)
  • Small (5 pcs)/Medium (12 pcs) /Large Fried Chicken (20 pcs), $6/$12/$18 – If you’re with friends and don’t feel like eating rice, definitely order this to share! 1 person can feel full after about 5 pcs of chicken, so order accordingly!
  • Recommended flavoursGreen onion salt chilli oil and cod roe mayo. I heard that the wasabi cream is good as well. Will go back and try!!!
  • Frozen Lemon Beverage, $3.50 – Really good!!! They have a Frozen Yuzu drink as well which looks interesting!

What to Skip:

  • Onsen egg$2 – It’s not the kind of lava egg you’re probably expecting.
  • Soy Sauce Chicken – I found it too salty for my liking.

Rang Mang Shokudo
Address:  4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Telephone Number:  +65 6262 3504

Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

Opening hours: 
Weekdays 11:30~23:00
Weekends 11:00~23:00

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