Marutama Ramen – 1st and only ‘No Pork, No Lard’ outlet for its popular Chicken Soup Ramen

I was glad that my friend and I decided to check out the food stalls at Jcube Donki for lunch because imagine my absolute surprise to see Marutama Ramen here in the Wild, Wow, West!!!! It’s a dream come true for me because Marutama Ramen is one of my favourite ramen places in Singapore and now they have an outlet so near to where I stay!

I believe Marutama is the first ramen place in Singapore that brought up the standards of ALL ramen places in Singapore (I remember the days when Singaporeans’ favourite ramen places were Ajisen and Tampopo. Oh please).

I happen to turn into a food snob when it comes to Japanese ramen.

It introduced and fascinated Singaporeans with its popular runny-centre Ajitsuke Tamago (ramen egg), Char Siu that melts in the mouth and the concept of Kaedama (adding more noodles in your leftover soup after you’re done with your first portion for just $1!).

With so many Japanese ramen shops in Singapore now, Marutama still firmly holds a place in the hearts of its fans. Being a fan myself, I find it hard to explain why too. It is just a very addictive and heartwarming bowl of noodles. My personal tip is to order the ramen with less oil and salt to better appreciate the taste of the creamy chicken broth.

Another tip: Add chilli from here!!! This chilli will surely satisfy any Singaporean who complain that their Japanese ramen is not spicy enough.

I got a second surprise when I walked up to the menu at the counter and realised that the ramen served here at Jcube Donki is different from the one I was very familiar with! To me, it is as good as a new menu item because this outlet serves ramen with no pork and no lard!

100% chicken!!!

Marutama Ramen got popular because it was the first Chicken soup ramen in Singapore (instead of the more common pork broth). However, it wasn’t exactly an all-chicken-no-pork place because the ramen bowl consisted of pork char siu and the broth has some pork in it as well. I was curious to know how the taste would change with pork completely out of the picture.

I was served by their very friendly and enthusiastic manager, Jason, who explained to me happily about how Marutama is trying out this new concept of their signature ramen and how they have already gained some loyal customers although they only opened late last year.

The broth is still as white and creamy as the original. If you cook chicken soup at home, you will know how many chickens it requires and how long it takes to actually produce a chicken broth this white and creamy. This is good stuff!

This soup is definitely full of collagen!!! But of course, it is fatty too la, so please eat in moderation.

Taste-wise, the soup pales a little when compared to its original. It tasted a little one-dimensional to me although still undeniably good overall.

The noodles are still as chewy and with a good bite to it. Marutama makes their own noodles daily with flour imported from Japan. I haven’t tasted any other noodles quite like theirs and I love it!

Egg-cellent as usual!

Now, my verdict for the chicken slices!

To be honest, the pale, white look of the chicken slices isn’t very appealing and I was afraid that this will be the downfall of Marutama’s new concept of Chicken Ramen.

The chicken says, “It’s 2020 and you are still judging me based on how I look?!”

However, this is going to surprise you when you bite into it! It was so soft, tender and delicately marinated, totally unlike how it looked like it would taste! In fact, I like this better than its pork char siu because it tastes clean and healthy – very appealing for people like me who love to imagine they are health-conscious!

Overall, I love that Marutama Ramen is always trying new things and that they have opened an outlet here in the West where a sizeable population exists (although people in the East still think otherwise).

Another GREAT thing about this outlet is that their ramen here doesn’t have GST and service charge so you get the cheapest Marutama Ramen in the WHOLE OF SINGAPORE. Yes, you read that right. Get your bowl of Marutama Ramen from only $9.60!!!!!

The $9.60 option doesn’t get you an egg, but add on $1.60 for one, and the price is still about 25% lesser than a basic bowl of noodles (with egg, after GST and Service Charge) in Marutama Ramen restaurants!!! The great thing about dining in Donki is that you can order food from other noteworthy Japanese restaurants (all at a lower price than their restaurant counterparts) to have a very happy Japanese meal.

For example, my friend ordered this from Gindaco.

Well, hello there, old friend!

Yesss Gindaco is back and I think this time round, their takoyaki (octopus-stuffed balls) are more delicious than I remembered???? Hands down, these are the best takoyaki in Singapore because of its crispy exterior and creamy, flavourful filling stuffed with fat and tender octopus chunks.

People are still staying away from eating outside because of the virus. It’s great to eat outside and experience no crowds but if this continues, I wonder if we can ever eat out again because F&B is one of the sectors that has been hit really hard in the past few weeks. If you work or live nearby, do pay them a visit soon! Let’s hope the virus goes away soon and we can all resume one of our favourite pastimes of eating out again!

Marutama @ Jcube’s Don Don Donki

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-51, Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731

Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East MRT

Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily,

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