Ji Xiang Vegetarian (Clementi) – Best Vegetarian Chicken Rice at only $3.50!

Hello my 115 followers, today I want to write about this place my vegan friend brought me to. I have only one vegan friend and she looks like BlackPink’s Lisa, so I shall refer to her as Vegan Lisa from here on.

Vegan Lisa and I met because I had bought Chinese New Year cookies baked by her mother and she wanted to pass them to me. They are the most delicious Chinese New Year cookies in Singapore, I swear. Not fancy new-age cookies like Earl-Grey-Bak-Kwa-Red-Velvet cookies but traditional good stuff like Almond-Cookies-full-stop.

If you think I’m going to write about Chinese New Year cookies today, you are wrong because today I’m writing about amazing Vegetarian Chicken Rice and Vegetarian Nasi Briyani at a quiet coffeeshop in Clementi Vegan Lisa brought me to.

What is Vegetarian Chicken Rice, you ask???

No, the chicken is not a vegetarian. It is simply not on your plate, i.e. you won’t find any chicken in your Vegetarian Chicken Rice.

However, it tastes like chicken rice because to be honest, the flavours that we love so much are usually from the spices used, and not the meat. Ji Xiang uses fried beancurd skin in replacement of chicken meat, which I think is better than seitan mock meat!

Prive has a $17 Hainanese “Heura” Chicken Rice while Ang Mo Kio has the Best Vegetarian Chicken Rice” at $6.80.

I often say that West side is the best side of Singapore for food but nobody takes me seriously because I’m not a foodie.

But where else can you get this probably equally delicious Vegan Chicken Rice at only $3.50?!

Ji Xiang Vegetarian Chicken Rice, $3.50

The rice and its side dishes are amazingly generous for its price. I actually really hesitate to write this post because I really want to keep this place a secret for myself and my friends and family. But I figured that I only have 115 followers, to which probably 5 are vegetarians, so ok! I share!

The chilli is amazingly spicy and good and goes superbly well with the chicken rice, so please try it!

Vegan Lisa ordered Nasi Briyani, $4 which I took a spoonful of to try.

Ji Xiang Vegetarian Nasi Briyani, $4.

The curry is very thick and delicious but I feel like its side dishes are a little one-dimensional and boring. If you are a meat lover, you probably wouldn’t appreciate this one as much as the vegetarians/vegans.

This stall is really amazing and I can’t wait to return to try all its other stuff! I read online that the porridge is unbelievably delicious, that it looks like a Plain Jane when it really tastes like a Deep Jade Rasif (haha).

Here’s a menu of its many items!

Lots of yummy dishes to choose from daily!

What’s special:

  • Daily different vegetarian versions of local hawker fare.

What to Order:

  • Vegetarian Chicken Rice, $3.50 – Haven’t eaten much Vegetarian Chicken Rice for a fair comparison, but this is really the most value-for-money one I ever had. Sooo delicious!

What to Skip:

  • Nothing as of now.

Ji Xiang Vegetarian Stall Clementi
Address: Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120431 (Inside Food Loft coffeeshop)

Telephone Number:  +65 9836 0200

Nearest MRT Station: Clementi

Opening hours: 
Monday to Sunday 10:30~19:00 (but its food is always sold out early!)

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