Dailou – $1 Lok Lok Delivery for your midnight cravings!

I’ve been hearing about Dailou a lot and was very excited that they now do food delivery because Punggol is just too freaking far, man.

Because of the current Covid-19 situation in Singapore where dining at an establishment is no longer allowed, Dailou quickly came up with the logistics for food delivery!

They initially charged a flat rate of $6 for food delivery to any place in Singapore, but now they came up with this:

For clearer picture and more details, please visit their site.

Those people living in Area A are really lucky! $1.99 delivery fee is a really good deal! Actually, Area B is also very lucky??? $3 is also very reasonable. (Update: As of this time, Area B’s delivery fee is also $1.99.)

Unfortunately, I fall in Area C. Haha!

But well, I ordered quite a bit so I’m fine with these fees. Please note that there is a different minimum spending for each of these areas too!

Area A: $10 min spending
Area B: $60 min spending
Area C: $80 min spending

Those in Area A are really lucky! Dailou opens until 12am (last order 11:30pm) every day, so if people living in Area A, suddenly just crave for lok lok at midnight, they can just order 20 sticks of lok lok (min order) and they will definitely hit the minimum spending.

So many choices! And only $1 per stick!

After looking at their obviously last-minute-set-up-but-still-rather-impressive website, I decided to order some lok lok and some of the recommended dishes on their site.

Many choices!!! Only $1 a stick!

Unfortunately for me, the lok lok was sold out when I wanted to order for dinner! Super sad.

Ordered the recommended dishes.

All these are small portions and on average, cost about $13 each. I’m in Area C, very far away from Punggol, but my food arrived in about an hour’s time, still steaming hot.

1. Prawn Paste Chicken, $15

8 sinful pieces for the small portion!

I was most excited about this dish so let me review this first!

It smelled really good when we opened the box.

Crispy on the outside….
…juicy on the inside!

Very flavourful and yummy if everyone can only have 1 or 2 pieces. 4 pieces each made me feel like a heart attack was imminent. This tasted best when it was still hot!

2. Spinach with 3 eggs, $13

Super generous portion!

This tasted so good and the portion was super generous. One thing I was slightly disturbed about though, is that I saw some plastic threads across the container when I opened it. It felt like it was plastic which has perhaps melted from the heat…I’m not sure! But anyway, this dish is no longer available on the website?

Silky smooth with generous amounts of eggs!

It was a good dish to order to balance off the other two heavy meats we ordered though!

3. Honey Milk Pork Cubes, $13

Ordered this because the name sounds intriguing.

It looks like a very small portion but when you start eating, you will keep thinking, “Omg…there’s still more?”

This is a very heavy and dense dish which you can definitely not finish on your own without feeling overwhelmed.

My dining companion felt that the sauce was very nice but the pork cubes were a bit hard. It’s a pity.

I felt that this dish was a bit off but I can’t really pinpoint what it is. My dining companion said that he feels like this sauce would be better with more tender meat.

So, anyway, I guess Dailou is a great restaurant to chill out at and I would really love to visit it one day for a relaxing dining experience.

The dishes are decent; not extremely outstanding, but then again, it was popular because of its value-for-money lok lok and beer.

I may update this page again when I have a craving for lok lok. A $80 minimum order for my area doesn’t warrant me to just order lok lok for a family of 3, but then again, a lot of estates are grouping up with their neighbours for food delivery to hit a minimum order, so I could do that maybe~!

As for fellow readers staying in Areas A and B, I think Dailou food delivery is worth a try if you want to eat lok lok! As of now, people living in Area B can enjoy the same delivery fees ($1.99) as people in Area A. Let me know if their lok lok is nice!

(P.S. The details about their delivery keep changing, so for more timely and accurate details, click here to visit their website!)

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